Mine Without Worry With Reliable Antminer Repairs

Bitcoin miners are losing money when not hashing at full capacity. This leads to miner downtime, revenue loss, and decreased stakeholder satisfaction.


Trusted communication

Customers are always kept informed on the status of their miners throughout our entire repair process from inspection, diagnostics, and repair to shipping.

Faster repair turnaround times

Offering faster ASIC repairs by utilizing lean six sigma process that eliminate wasted time.

Transparent operation

On-site tours are offered to each of our customers as part of our commitment to operating both efficiently and transparently.

Fewer errors

Promising fewer errors through the knowledge and skill of our physics and engineering PhD-educated team.

Streamlined process

Lean and agile processes used in delivering technology to Fortune 200 companies help us create more timely and reliable repairs.

Achieve greater ROI

Ensuring our customers experience minimal downtime and loss of revenue during ASIC repairs to keep focus on their core business.

Meet our team of PhDs, engineers, and industry executives providing best-in-class mining repair training and repairs.

"I highly Recommend!!"
I have the best experience with this company, I have some issues with my Antminer L7 I did send it over only took about 4 days to get them to fix. But when I got it back from FedEx the box was destroyed and when I opened it my niner was damaged, I called them on the same day they came over to get them later 2 days they came over to my place to deliver the miner. It was working great!!. I will Highly recommend this company they are the best and have fast service thank you so much.
Yandy Estrada
Wednesday January 4, 2023

The BITMAIN Antminer D7 is the top X11 algorithm miner on the market, with incredible efficiency, profitability, and security....

Tuesday December 6, 2022

The BITMAIN Antminer S17 fails at rates approaching 20-30%, well above the usual for the cryptomining industry. Here’s why (and what you...

Tuesday November 22, 2022

The high Antminer L7 profitability metrics are attractive, but your miner must be well maintained to hash at optimal efficiency....