5 Must-Haves From Your ASIC Repair Service

In cryptomining, downtime hurts. Every day your miner is out of service is a day it’s not making money. It’s critical that you keep your miners in good repair and hashing at full capacity. Breakdowns happen though, so it pays to know a high quality ASIC repair service.

Comparing your options? Make sure to prioritize these 5 must-haves from your ASIC miner repair service.

1. Cost-Effective ASIC Repair

The number one thing your ASIC repair service can do to help is provide a cost-effective fix. A low cost, responsive and reliable repair eliminates the headache of broken miners. When a miner isn’t working, not only are you losing revenue, but you’re getting distracted from your core business and bogged down with technical issues. 

The best ASIC miner repair companies find efficient ways to eliminate wasted time. At TEKMINING PROS, we utilize the same lean six sigma processes that deliver technology to Fortune 200 companies to ensure timely and reliable repairs.

Every hash counts. Choose a miner repair service that will get your hardware fixed with responsive service.

2. Trusted Communication

A customer service mindset and clear communication are critical to a good repair service experience. Make sure your ASIC repair service always keeps customers informed on the status of your miners throughout the entire repair process — from diagnostics all the way to shipping — and takes the time to consult with you before completing any work.

At TEKMINING PROS, we always contact you once diagnostics are complete to go over the prognostics report and discuss the issues we’ve discovered. After hearing about them, you can decide whether you’d like us to send back your miner or your hashboard…or if you’d prefer for our certified team to repair the board for you as quickly and effectively as possible.

3. Post-Repair Testing & Optimization

No Bitmain Antminer repair service is complete without tuning and optimization after the machine is running again. Opt for a miner repair service that offers robust post-repair testing to ensure your machine is fully functional. 

During the testing process, TEKMINING PROS also tunes and optimizes your machines for maximum performance with auto-tuning, hardware error detection, checking frequencies of ASIC chips that may be troublesome, and adjusting chip frequencies in real-time. Our process is complete only when your machines are optimally functional for peak performance.

4. Transparent Operation

Transparency is important for establishing trust in your miner repair service. At TEKMINING PROS, we always offer on-site tours to customers as a part of our commitment to operating both efficiently and transparently.

5. US-Based and Bitmain-Certified

Bitmain antminer repair can be tricky business with most of the fully qualified and Bitmain certified repair services overseas in China. Your best bet for a fast and cost-efficient repair with less shipping expense and quick turnaround time is to find a US-based company that’s earned full Bitmain certification.

BITMAIN-certified technicians at a US company receive the same rigorous training the manufacturer has always offered overseas, designed and delivered by BITMAIN. You can trust a certified service to handle your machines with expertise and care. TEKMINING PROS is fully certified and located in the USA. We’re proud to offer our customers the combination of authentic parts, less downtime, better communication, and peace of mind.

Featured image courtesy of Bitmain