About US

Before launching the TEKMINING PROS brand, we purchased ASIC miners, but only 50% worked while operated at a hosting company. We made a significant capital expenditure, only to be disappointed by the lack of cash flow because more than half of the miners didn’t work correctly, let alone the time it took to get the miners connected from being purchased to hosted. Repair centers had unacceptable lead times, and some were questionable. Our parent company, Sensatek, was born from our ability to leverage innovation to solve complex problems for aerospace and industrial customers; since we had the team, tools, and resources, we thought we could solve not only our machine problems but help others who are frustrated from the lack of cash flow from costly machines. Since then, we have continued to satisfy clients worldwide and achieve their dreams of obtaining more cash flow by improving machine uptime from repairing hashboards in days, not months.


Investors make significant capital expenditures when obtaining crypto mining equipment. A single miner can cost the price of a small luxury car. When selecting a repair service provider, high-end service and transparency is paramount.

At TekMining Pros, we specialize in providing innovative technology solutions to Fortune 200 and 500 companies. We are a team of PhD engineers, scientists, and industry executives that provide high-end aerospace grade quality repairs and services to every customer with transparency and respect.

We take a streamlined systems engineering approach to repairing software and electronic systems and we use lean six sigma processes to further eliminate errors and wasted time in the repair process.

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