Advantages of BITMAIN Certified Antminer Repair Service in the USA

BITMAIN is not only the world’s largest ASIC developer, but the world’s leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency miners. The BITMAIN Antminer has long led the global market share for mining equipment. 

While these machines may be efficient, stable, and powerful, they do break down. As Cointelegraph once reported, some Antminer models have report failure rates as high as 30%. The issue is that a fault in a single chip can render an entire miner unusable. 

Going through a manufacturer warranty process could take as long as three months. Replacing that broken part, on the other hand, might take only three hours — but it hasn’t always been easy to access those repairs.

Repairs For BITMAIN ASIC Miners Were Once a World Away

A professional repair job with genuine components used to mean sending your machine all the way to China. The “Ant Training Academy” — BITMAIN’s valuable repair technician certification program — was once only available in Shenzhen, China. Most Antminer repair services were either located in China, or required trainees to travel overseas and pay up to $2500 per person for two weeks of training. Courses were taught in Chinese, with translation services available for an extra fee.

This meant it was nearly impossible to find local, English-speaking, U.S.-based companies that were capable of certified ASIC repair on BITMAIN’s devices. Without certification, it’s not possible to order individual replacement parts from the manufacturer, making access to an official, BITMAIN certified Antminer repair service a highly coveted resource for mining teams.

BITMAIN Certification Recently Became Available in the USA

In the fall of 2020, BITMAIN announced that the first U.S.-based courses would be rolled out in Georgia and offer the same “highly regarded training and certification services” as in the China-based entity. This is still a relatively recent development. Not many Antminer repair services in the USA have yet achieved BITMAIN certification — and the priceless capability to source authentic replacement parts.

Benefits of a U.S.-Based, BITMAIN-Cerfied Antminer Repair Service

When your BITMAIN Antminer breaks down, the best solution is to repair or replace only the part that is causing the problem. This can be the fastest and most cost-efficient approach…but only if you can have your machines serviced domestically. A BITMAIN certified repair service in North America gives you:

Peace of Mind: BITMAIN certified technicians receive the same rigorous training the manufacturer has always offered overseas, designed and delivered by BITMAIN. You can trust a certified service to handle your machines with expertise and care.

Authentic Parts: The reward for BITMAIN certification is the ability to order real, manufacturer-original replacement parts. A professional repair restores your machine to OEM factory quality.

Clear Communication: When you choose an Antminer repair service located in North America, you eliminate communication breakdowns and ensure access to clear, local customer service that’s awake when you’re awake.

Less Downtime: Every hash counts. Shipping to a domestic repair facility is cheaper and faster than sending it back and forth to China. When you eliminate downtime, you increase profitability.

TEKMINING PROS: BITMAIN Certified Repairs in the USA

TEKMINING PROS is headquartered on the coast of Florida in Daytona Beach. We’re Certified by BITMAIN to provide Antminer repairs and are the only company in the USA that provides repairs of power supply units (PSUs). Call us up for comprehensive diagnostics and repair of hashboards, heat sinks, power supplies, and everything in between with genuine components.You can trust our lean, Six Sigma team of BITMAIN certified electrical engineers to get your machines back to mining as quickly as possible and keep that revenue flowing. Let’s talk.