ASIC Miner Repair….How Much Does It Cost?

A malfunctioning machine can cost you money in more ways than one. First, of course, you’ll have the cost of repairing the machine. However, before repairs can take place, you’ll need to diagnose the problem and obtain replacement parts. Each of these steps takes time. Meanwhile, production suffers every day that a machine is out-of-service. This is why an efficient repair service can save your company money in more ways than one.

What Is the Price and Turnaround Time?

Two main factors influence the pricing of an ASIC miner repair.

1.  How fast do you need the repair done?

2.  How many hashboards need fixing?

$200 Per Hashboard

Volume discounts are available as well. If you have multiple machines needing repair, you may be eligible for a price reduction.

Why Is the Price Calculated Per Hashboard?

Hashboards are processing units like CPUs in a computer, and most miners contain multiple hashboards. They regularly burn out and become defective because they do the heavy lifting of the mining work. For this reason, diagnosing and swapping hashboards is the most common form of ASIC miner repair work.

How Long Should an ASIC Miner Last?

The most straightforward answer is that most ASIC miners can work for 3 – 5 years. Mining products and technology are constantly improving, so the newer models are likely to have longer lifespans than old models.

Miners are machines and like all machines, they run better and last longer when they are well cared for. An overly warm environment or a poorly ventilated room can speed up deterioration. Keeping your machines cool, well-ventilated, and properly maintained will help them reach their optimal lifespan (even longer in some cases).

What Does the Repair Process Entail?

A thorough process helps to ensure that all issues are found, addressed, fixed, and even tested post-repair. Here is a quick breakdown of the process.

1.  The machine is inspected for any missing parts, defects, or damage.

2.  Every component is checked for voltage issues and computational errors.

3.  The client is contacted and is presented with a full report detailing the findings of the inspection/diagnostic process.

4.  The repairs are performed. Sensors, circuits, capacitors, and chips are replaced at this time. All components receive thorough troubleshooting.

5.  The repaired machine is tested to ensure that it is fully functional and error-free.

6.  The machine is shipped back to the client.

Do I Get a Warranty On My Repair? What About a Discount?

TekMining Pros does offer warranties on all repairs. The warranty lasts for 30 days. This period gives you the chance to run your machine and make sure that it is fully functioning. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that TekMining Pros have full confidence in their repair process.

Customers who submit bulk orders are eligible for volume pricing. Payment terms are also available for customers with long-term agreements.

Email or call TekMining Pros at (877) 794-1159 for more information on ASIC miner repair or to schedule your machines for repair today!