ASIC Repair Issues for Bitmain S19, S19J Pro, S19 Pro & S19 XP Models

When your Bitmain mining rig breaks down, a swift solution is important. Every second of downtime is wasted money. However, cryptocurrency mining rigs can also be somewhat complex to maintain and repair. Stay ahead of trouble by knowing what to look for.

Common ASIC Repair Issues for the Bitmain S19 Series

The Bitmain Antminer S19 Series (and its relatives — the S19 Pro, S19J Pro, and S19 XP Models) are known to be temperamental. An even bigger obstacle is that devices are primarily serviced overseas in China. The time and cost of shipping back-and-forth to a foreign country can be nerve-wracking for such a large technology investment. 

Your best bet is always to trust a professional, Bitmain-certified, U.S.-based miner repair service. State-side repairs are faster and able to provide superior customer service and insights. Keep an eye out for the common ASIC repair issues below so that you can react swiftly, get the right service, and keep your miners working hard.

1) The “0 ASIC” Error

This is one of the most common issues with Antminer mining rigs. Weak or lower-quality solders can lead to failures and a “0 ASIC” error code (especially on older models — the S17 generation had a 30% failure rate). It’s also possible that this error can result from a power distribution problem, an issue with the first or last chip in the rig, or a chain break preventing the signal from getting through. Repair may require the replacement of several parts, but it’s highly solvable. 

2) Overheating or Freezing

Frigid or sweltering temperatures can cause S19, S19 Pro, S19J Pro, and S19 XP Antminers to stop working. These models have temperature safety features that detect when the machine pulls air through its fans below 23°F (-5°C) or above 185°F (85°C) and send it into protection mode. This automatically shuts down the hashboards reporting low or high temperatures. 

It’s theoretically possible to run your machine safely between 32°F (0°C) and 104°F (40°C), but Bitmain recommends ambient temperatures between 59°F (15°C) or above 95°F (35°C). Make sure to carefully regulate ambient ventilation, heating, and cooling while ensuring unobstructed air circulation around each miner.

3) Missing Heatsinks

Even in a suitable ambient environment, it’s possible to run into a heat issue if your heatsinks fail. When the copper plating on top of a chip delaminates (due to a poor solder) the heatsink can separate and fall off. Your S19 series machine cannot mine even if only one heatsink is missing. The repair involves either replacing all delaminated chips on your hashboard or replacing the original heatsinks with higher quality ones.

4) Unrecognized Chips

Cryptocurrency mining puts a lot of strain on the chips (which do all the work), and this can often lead to breakdowns. Your hashboard will need repairs which could involve anything from chip replacement to a complete chip reflow. Because of the silicon lottery, every ASIC chip, doesn’t have the same computational power. The silicon lottery refers to the inherent differences between two processors of the same product line. This means that your chips are going to run differently on the board. At some point, some of the chips are going to have different life cycles. This is why, every chip has to be handled with caution. 

5) Dust / Clogged Fans

A Bitmain Antminer S19 Series machine should be able to perform optimally until at least the next Bitcoin halving in 2024. With that said, dust can be one of the most debilitating Bitcoin mining issues and accelerate component deterioration.

Dust clogs fans — and when they seize, your miner can quickly overheat and burn out or break down. Dust buildup on the heat sinks or hash board will also change the airflow, impact heat dissipation, and reduce efficiency. A simple air blast might help, but trust a professional for disassembly and deep cleaning. The first step of every basic ASIC repair operation is an ultrasonic cleaning and full dusting of all fans, case, control board, and power supply.

Call in the Pros

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