Dr. Taofeek Orekan • Chief Engineer

Dr. Orekan served as a U.S. Navy STEM Fellow and received his Doctor of Philosophy and Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering at University of Connecticut. He is the author of six research journal publications, and is a contributor to a published textbook, Wireless Power Transfer. His expertise includes RF sensor/antenna design, and wireless power & data transfer. He is a member of IEEE Power and Energy Society.

Research Publications include:

Lingyu Ren, Yanyuan Qin, Yan Li, Peng Zhang, Bing Wang, Peter B. Luh, Song Han T. Orekan, and Tao Gong. “Enabling resilient distributed power sharing in networked microgrids through software de ned networking,” Applied Energy, UNiLAB Special Issue on “Distributed Energy & Microgrid”, vol. 210, no. 15, pp. 1251-1265, January 2018
T. Orekan, P. Zhang and Cyuansi Shih. “Analysis, Design and Maximum Power Efficiency Tracking of Underwater Wireless Power Transfer”, IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 843-854, Aug. 4th, 2017.
J. Zhang, X. Xiao, P. Zhang, J. Lu and T. Orekan. “Subsynchronous Control Interaction Analysis and a Trigger-Based Active Damping Control for DFIG-Based Wind Turbines,” Electric Power Components & Systems 44(7), pp. 713-725, Mar. 2016.
T. Orekan, Z. Zhao, P. Zhang, J. Zhang, S. Zhou, and J.-H. Cui. “Maximum life cycle tracking for tidal energy generation system”, Electric Power Components & Systems 43(8-
10): Special Issue on Renewable Energy Devices and Systems, pp. 1182-1192, May 2015.