Joshua McConkey • CTO

Joshua holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida. Previously served as a turbine instrumentation research group lead at Siemens Energy and served as lead instrumentation engineer for Space Shuttle Orbiter Discovery at United Space Alliance. He is focused on measurement inside turbines and other rotating equipment. Seven Patents granted and 21 pending in wireless instrumentation, material science, acoustic monitoring, ultra-high temperature electronics, turbine mass flow, novel turbine blade temperature measurement techniques, 600 °C wireless power transfer, turbine axial shift measurements, heat flux management via nano-engineering, volumetric 3D printing via sound waves, energy harvesting sensor networks, and high temperature laser vibrometry. Authored multiple sets of business plans for commercializing technologies. Shepherded many novel inventions from concept to development to refinement to customer-facing release. Expert knowledge of current needs of rotating equipment community, with deep knowledge of demands for end-point functionalities in highly competitive environments.